We Wish You A Merry Christmas! Erin put on the Santa hat! What do you think?
She was a little annoyed because I couldn't remember to keep my eyes open and my tongue in when she said "Cheese" but the flash was really bright! I kept the hat on to humor her though.  I didn't get to go sit on Santa's lap this year, but I did send him my list.  Guess what I asked for? BLUE SEAL BANANA ROUNDERS! They're my favorite!  You can find them in my mom's right vest pocket or on the Rounders rack in the store! I share with my friends, but Cesar and I would rather keep them just for us.  Hope you all have a great Christmas & get everything you asked for & if you don't, I bet you can find something next week at the store!  Mom's got lots of cool stuff!  Merry Christmas!

-Stink & company

Cesar and I when we were little-just playing!

Exciting week at the store and farm - we got some sample treats from Blue Seal Feeds. My best friend Cesar and I were fighting over them. The truck will be here next week, and we can't wait for dinner!

Hello! Yes, my name is Stinky. I kinda like it-probably not a common name for a handsome horse (like me). My story is not like most horses. If you notice in my pictures (one day old), I am alone. My mother died giving birth, and my family of humans and horses have been raising me. I am now 8 months old, and I know that I am a horse, but sometimes pretend I'm a little bit human! This page will share store events, things going on at the farm, and follow me growing up!
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